About us

Project Phoenix is the joint project of civic association No:mad and Svetakraj.

This civic association was founded in 2011 to provide legal and instrumental protection for Project Phoenix. Its existence however, is limited not only to this project, but will offer similar protection in the future. A key aim of the members of the civic association No:mad is to break down the boundaries of conventional thinking, develop their own and others’ imagination and discover new horizons of knowledge and knowing. You can read more about the activities of No:mad on its official website tichopopesine.cz

The main activities of Svetakraj are focused on travelogues and film projects. It is the company behind the launch of Project Phoenix and will be responsible for the preparation of film coverage of the Phoenix´s probe launch and its subsequent promotion. More about the activities of Svetakraj can be found on its official website svetakraj.cz