About Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix is the joint project of civic association No:mad and Svetakraj. Its goal is to send a probe with a camera attached up into the stratosphere in order to record the blackness of space from its edge together with our blue planet!

At one time or another, everyone has dreamed of being an astronaut or has at least thought about how beautiful it must feel to float weightless and observe the earth from outside. Most of us however, believe that space agencies have exclusive access to that part of the sky where airplanes cannot fly. The fact is that even those of us who are not astronauts or millionaires can, with a bit of effort, at least touch space.

The outcome of Project Phoenix will be a documentary film showing the whole process of sending a probe to the edge of space and will include especially shots recorded at this edge. Even if the first flight of Phoenix fails, there will surely be others to follow. I hope that the whole project will inspire you, perhaps even to the extent of your attempting to do something similar yourself!

The entire project is not about the result as such, but mainly about the adventure of trying something very unusual. Project Phoenix is not the first in trying to achieve the goals I have mentioned above. The fact that it is not some kind of nonsense has already been proved by the achievements of many people who have done it, whether they were university teams, students or just talented and very skilful individuals. Project Phoenix is definitely not just a copycat of previous projects; it tries to contribute to the whole technology with innovations and its own specific approach.

Last but not least, we would like to say, that Project Phoenix is open to everyone and we will be very glad, if you grasp the chance to participate in it!