středa 17. listopadu 2010

Foreword – the beginning of Project Phoenix

Travelling is in for a dramatic change very soon! There are countless magical and unexplored places that we can first visit and then describe afterwards, but the changes we are referring to will have nothing in common with them. When the time is right, the new era of travelling, travellers and travelogues will be upon us, an era way beyond the boundaries of our current travel dreams.

In a relatively short time, people will begin to visit nearby extraterrestrial regions, and on a much larger scale than those commercial flights into space which are currently taking place. I believe that even in this century we will be able to go and visit the moon as easily as we can now buy plane tickets to any destination on planet Earth.

These developments will affect not only the vehicles able to transport us to such places, but also more mundane aspects of travel – from insurance covering extraterrestrial regions, to the selection of suntan cream that will protect travellers from harsh solar rays coming from outside our atmosphere. Everything that we now associate with travelling will be available with a space dimension.

Travelogues will change as well. Travellers will compete with each other in creating programmes that offer their audiences sensational experiences from, as yet, uncharted places of the nearby universe. For a long time, it seemed as if there were no new horizons to be explored on earth. Soon however, out of the blue, everybody will be offered the opportunity to explore new horizons beyond the earth and everybody will want to talk and write about them. So, after many decades, travellers and audiences will once again have the opportunity to feel as they did at the time of David Livingstone.

Svetakraj does not want to miss this, and will do everything it can to be the first to get you message from these places, even in those times when it is still called the beautiful unknown.

But until that time, we will not just be sitting idly waiting!

Inspired by the succes of people who have already tried the same thing, I decided to send a probe to the threshold of space to capture video pictures of our blue planet and the darkness that surrounds it. Since I do not want to be alone in this project, I would like to invite you, the fans of Svetakraj, to help me. If this seems interesting enough for you to think about, perhaps you would like to get to know Project Phoenix more closely.

PS: What a poetic coincidence! The Czech word Světakraj means more or less the world’s edge and we are sending the camera to the real edge of the world!